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«Начало Века – это ПОПУЛЯРНАЯ музыка. Не та, что спущена сверху, а та, что действительно способна понравиться народу»

► Для творчества группы «Начало Века» характерен синтез народного корневого искусства с современным музыкальным мышлением. «Начало Века» берут аутентичные фольклорные произведения без срока давности и перерабатывают их актуальными музыкальными средствами. За основу берётся текст и мотив народной песни, а аранжировка делается исходя из вкусов и музыкальных предпочтений самих музыкантов. Группа пошла по проторенному пути эклектики, которая к концу XX века сублимировалась практически во всех жанрах в компилятивность, вырождаясь в постмодернизм. Сейчас «Начало Века» — это уже не фолк-рок как таковой, а некий этно-фьюжн широкого профиля, world music.

► Участники группы:
Алёна Сергиевская - вокал
Михаил Санок - гитара
Алексей Итюжов - акустическая гитара
Елена Гусева - клавиши
Роман Шелетов - бас-гитара (
Владимир Бусель - барабаны (

☎ +7 916 441 57 66
☎ +7 906 644 99 00
Skype: alissaru
Елена Гусева (директор группы)

Отава ё

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Санкт-Петербургская фолк группа


Saint Petersburg, Russia


Izhevsk, Russia

Theodor Bastard

Saint Petersburg, Russia
The history of the band begins in 1996 when Fedor Svolotch took interest in noise music experiments. Later other musicians joined the band, and there was their future vocalist Yana Veva among them. In 2004 THEODOR BASTARD recorded and released their sixth album "Pustota" which became the turning point in the history of the band. The album instantly became famous among various listeners in Russia as well as in foreign countries. A year later "Pustota" was released in three more countries. In this work Fedor managed to find a successful combination of electronic beats and ethnic instruments. And Yana Veva, who has rare vocal timbre, performed the main vocal parts using specific singing techniques which referred the listeners either to oriental musical tradition, or to Balkan and Russian folklore.

Every following album of THEODOR BASTARD was released in its own specific style: the album "Sueta" was compiled of the live records made on the European tour, the album "Beloe" reflected Fedor and Yana's ardour for the Slavic mythology and Russian folk, and the last single "Tapahula" has shown new interests of the band: the culture of Mesoamerica and rhythms of Africa. But along with that, along with breaking stylistic and conceptual limits, THEODOR BASTARD has always been true to themselves and known for their sound and approach.

Inna Zhelannaya

Moscow, Russia
Inna Zhelannaya is the world music star in Russia, the founder of the "Farlanders" band, that won thousands of people on the most prestigious festivals of ethnic, jazz, pop and rock music in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, USA.

Inna Zhelannaya`s albums were released in Germany and in the USA and won high positions in international charts, her concerts were broadcasted by famous european radio and TV companies -- BBC(UK), ZDF, NDR, WDR(Germany), Radio France International(France), Radio Netherlands(Netherlands). The articles and reviews were published by Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Village Voice(USA), Scotsman, Herald(UK), Frankfurter Rundschau, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung(Germany).

In February 2007 Zhelannaya gathers a new band. She still works with folklore material from different regions of Russia, but now the style of her music is a mix of jazz, progressive, trance and psyhodelic.
Winter – DVD Live 2008
Live in Tele-club – DVD Live 2010

On the 14th of November Inna Releases here solo album "Cocoon", the core of which again consists of Rusian folklore songs. Executed with the delicate taste and with utmost care of folklore material, meditative "Cocoon" has been already acknowledged to be one of the best works of Zhelannaya. “Cocoon” was issued in USA (“7D Media” label) by license in november 2010.
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